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Behestan Tolid  Pharmaceutical Company  which is one of the sub-companies of Behphar Holding, dully registered in 2005 and started its activities in May 2007 , having the mission for under-license production of reputable Pharmaceutical companies  the world .

Behestan Tolid started its activity by importing the products of companies like Biolyse, Hameln and Pharmathen. Then in 2009 the company strategy in importation was limited to the medicines which are going to be produced under license.
The studies for construction of factory were lasted for one year as of 2007 and  constraction achivities of factory in Kaveh Industrial City - Saveh was started.
Construction of tablet and capsule production line were accomplished for under license products based on pharmaceutical standards  according to the latest requirements  GMP instruction and the valid references like PIC/s, EMA and FDA.
In 2012, ,Manual secondray secondary packaging was operated and after  the GMP related permission from Iranian Food and Drug Organization and also  the GMP of the said companies, manufacturing the products of Asetllas, HEXAL and Sandoz Companies was started in second half of 1392 (2013-2014) on manual secondary packaging phase.
At present the first phase of under license production stage was completed and the second phase i.e. granule production shall be started in March.2015.
It is worthy to mention that Behestan Tolid has predicted different forms of production line (vial, liquid and soft jelly) and also manufacturing the products under its own brand in its coming projects and development phase.


Behestan Tolid Co., will be sole pharmaceutical Private company in Iran with facilities to produce various pharmaceutical forms for manufacturing under license of the word reputable companies.

The company, with consideration to its duty ( manufacturing the under-license of pharmaceutical reputable brands) necessarily needs production line in accordance with the high standards of foreign companies . Also with consideration to the company scientific and commercial power and potentials with the European and American companies, it has a suitable opportunity in context of attaining the technical know- how for production of special and medicines high Tech.

This company intends to meet the needs of patients as to access to the valid pharmaceutical brand of the world at the same quality but at competitive price and also manufacturing its brand products at  higher quality.
Under license production of different companies on one hand and production of various pharmaceutical forms on the other hand shall led to increasing the standard level of production. Production of rare drugs with the same standards and suitable source shall be available.
In this context, Behestan Tolid has considered cooperation with the companies like Tollotts, Sandoz,  Bio Sandoz, Pharmathen, GSK at its agenda.

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